Web3 Learning

  • Blockchain


    Blockchain allows digital information to be distributed over multiple nodes in the network. It powers the backbone of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The concept of a distributed ledger found its use case beyond crypto and is now used in other infrastructure. What is Blockchain? Blockchain is a distributed ledger that powers bitcoin. Satoshi invented bitcoin, and […]

  • Cryptocurrency


    Over the past decade, cryptocurrencies have shifted from a niche technological development to new financial instruments. Crypto assets represent a new class of borderless, decentralized digital currency. As established financial institutions embrace cryptocurrencies, it is paramount to understand why they are a sought-after topic.  What is cryptocurrency?  In their simplest form, cryptocurrencies are a form […]

  • Discord, knowledge base


    Why ? For anyone who has used Slack or IRC before, Discord is similar but with a fuller feature set originally designed for gaming communities. It has since become the most prominent communication platform used in Crypto/NFTs thanks to it’s capabilities: It’s free, and has some great features. Can join multiple groups (aka servers). Several […]

  • NFT


    In an increasingly digitalized world, NFTs are the latest cryptocurrencies to be all the rage these days. Highlighted by several record sales at the beginning of the year, this new form of technology, which means “non-fungible token”, is now in the spotlight. Behind this term hides a feature that can bring thousands or even millions […]

  • Web3


    Whether you call it Web3 or Web 3.0, the future of the internet is coming. However, when it’s coming and precisely what it will look like is a hot debate. In some respects, Web3 is already here, and in others, it’s decades away. The vision of Web3 is fantastical, and hypotheses seem as numerous as […]