NFTuloan: mint presale and whitelist access kicks off

After two sold-out private sale rounds, the DeFi protocol developed on Ethereum that allows borrowing funds through NFTs is now in its mint presale phase.

“Ready GO. Presales Mint LIVE”.

At the moment, there are already 17 thousand active addresses on the whitelist, which allows users eager to be part of the project, access at 0.2 ETH, and that is at a lower price than the public sale of 0.3 ETH scheduled for launch this afternoon

NFTuloan is a transparent marketplace for collateralized NFT liquidity. Lenders can provide assets as collateral for the liquidity and stakers can participate in exchange for interest.

With $Uloan token it will be possible to buy Blue chip NFTs with 30% discount. 1 $uloan token is now 0.03 USD.

NFTuloan and the NFT Genesis Alpha Pass

NFTuloan’s Genesis Alpha Pass is a collection of 31 pieces of NFT stored on the Ethereum blockchain. 

“Which Genesis Alpha Pass you will own?

  • 3,333 to #Mint and 7 letters
  • 200+ collections verified
  • For lenders 70% from the fees
  • MVP already live.
  • HOLD 30,000 $ULOAN”.

Essentially, obtaining a Genesis Alpha Pass NFT will allow its owner to:

  1. Access the exclusive NFT market at a -30% discount;
  2. Own 30,000 $ULOAN tokens at the early bird price (potential return x70);
  3. Exclusive access to STAKE $ULOAN;
  4. Exclusive access to the $ETH 30% APY liquidity addition;
  5. Access to Alpha group chat;
  6. Access to the Whitelist of partner projects;
  7. DAO and decision on upcoming features.

DeFi grows without an Ethereum-killer.

Recently, Chainalysis revealed that the DeFi ecosystem continues to grow despite the fact that no Level 1 blockchain emerges from Ethereum-killer. 

DeFiLlama has 124 blockchains with over $74 billion in TVL, of which nearly 64% is locked on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that despite a higher average transaction cost than other blockchains, Ethereum remains the leader of DeFi blockchains

Indeed, currently the Chainalysis report states that there is no viable alternative to the Ethereum blockchain for mass adoption. 


By John Nook

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