NFTuloan is an innovative liquidity pool provider for all digital assets (NFT). We offer instant liquidity to Digital Art, Collectibles Domain names, Trading cards, utilities, virtual lands, play2earn games. A powerful tool to liquify your dormant NFT, increase trading volume & make more money on the secondary market. NFTuloan embraces all types of NFT collectors. We know you so well, that we have opened our space to all of you, regardless of your characteristics, you have a family at NFTuloan that cares about your growth and wants to see you thrive. NFTuloan is a decentralized WEB3 platform, to use it you need to connect your decentralized wallet. Once you are connected, you can start to use the service and enjoy all the benefits of our platform.

Get instant Liquidity

Use any supported NFT as collateral to borrow your asset from the NFTuloan liquidity pool and obtain immediate permissionless liquidity in ETH. You can borrow up to 70% of the NFT’s value. To borrow ETH from the pool, start an instant NFT loan contract. Maintain your NFT collateral ratio by repaying ETH whenever you choose. Return the NFT when you pay off your NFT loan.

Staking ETH to the liquidity pool

Stake your ETH and receive 70% of the fees collected by the NFTuloan platform, on an annual basis of your ETH stakinging you can receive APR between 30% to 399%; all the rewards are received in ETH.

Hot deals Marketplace

NFTuLoan offers a wide range of NFTs that come from distressed NFT deals of NFT borrowers that default on their payment. We offer these NFTs to our community at a -30% discount rate and these NFTs can only be purchased with $ULOAN. We want to empower NFT collections to leverage their assets and increase their growth opportunities in the NFT market to develop a larger portfolio in the NFT market. Our NFTs are sold at the most competitive rates and surpass all other market competitors. You can rest assured our prices are unavailable elsewhere in the market.


By Alexandra Wicks

Alex is a Web3 writer who shares the latest news on DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, crypto-currencies and blockchain. Passionate above all and very active in different Web3 projects, expert in network security his knowledge in his different fields make his articles often a reference.