Moonbirds, 50% off in one month

The collection that didn’t feel the Bearmarket is starting to collapse too.

Since the beginning of july the floor price has dropped from more than 30 ETH to less than 15 ETH
And it is not the latest news to put it in the public domain that will raise its floor price.

The founder of the Moonbirds project announces that the NFTs in his collection are now licensed under CC0, the most permissive Creative Commons license.

Moonbirds, 50% off in one month

In other words: anyone can now make commercial use of the illustrations of both collections (Moonbirds & Moonbirds Oddities) they can be freely distributed, expanded and marketed even without the owner’s permission.

This choice that doesn’t seem to please all owners of this successful collection. Following the news, the floor price of the NFT Moonbirds dropped from around 18 ETH to 15 ETH on the OpenSea marketplace. This is the first blue chip NFT project to make such a move.

A second announcement also tells us that a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will soon be created to oversee the licensing of both collections.


By Alexandra Wicks

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