The Potatoz, the success story continues for MemeLand

The freemint project that made $5 million on launch day!!

What is a Potatoz?

To help us to answer this question the site informs us:

“A long time ago, in a metaverse far, far away… Memeland was a wasteland unfit for life.
They make an excellent sidekick, though some feel a call to go solo, rumor has it they are secretly connected to Memelist, $MEME, MVP, and more!”

To better understand, let’s start with the foundation. Memeland is 9GAG’s nickname in the Web3 world. 9GAG is a Hong Kong-based social media platform, one of the largest meme community on the Internet.

Memeland’s site features a luxurious island rendered in their 8-bit style.

The Potatoz, the success story continues for MemeLand

The main stage Memeland Captains collection constitutes the forest floor of their greater ecosystem.
Their Captain NFTs are trophies, but they also unlock the exclusive $MEME token from the collection as well as private club membership, exclusive access to the NFT Creators Marketplace, and IRL events

From the teaser, it looks like the little Potatoz are the first signs of life that will activate the plot that is taking shape. There aren’t many details, but perhaps that’s also why Memeland went with a Freemint to get involved.



9GAG is backed by some of the strongest advisors and investors in the web2 and web3 spaces. The MEMELAND website lists a total of 24 investors/advisors, including Kevin Rose of Moonbirds, Naval Ravikant, Gary Vee, Y Combinator and First Round Capital to name a few.

Social Media

The 9GAG team has been building communities for over 10 years, it is no surprise they built their MEMELAND Twitter following to nearly 400,000 and their Discord to over 300,000.   

At the time of writing the Floor Price is still around 1.5 ETH for a volume of 9.7K ETH with a supply of 9999 and just under 5K holders.
It is more than likely that this success story will not stop here.


By Alexandra Wicks

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