FIFA adopts NFT for 2022 World Cup

The International Football Federation launches in September FIFA+Collect, an NFT platform on the Algorand network. A debut that precedes the World Cup in Qatar.

For once, the World Cup will be held in November. The host country: Qatar. In the run-up to this great football event organized by FIFA, the Federation is preparing to launch FIFA+ Collect.

FIFA+ Collect is a platform of NFTs, and more precisely of collectible contents dedicated to the world of soccer. The launch of the marketplace is scheduled for September. FIFA promises “affordable, inclusive and accessible” tokens for fans.

NFTs mean democratization

Initially, the world body will offer a first series of collections. In addition, it will “soon” unveil details of future “exclusive and limited edition collections”.

For FIFA’s Business Director Romy Gai, these first steps into blockchain and crypto are synonymous with democratization. How? By making it possible to “own a piece of the World Cup”.

For the uninitiated in Web3, Romy Gai says that NFTs will be the equivalent of sports memorabilia and stickers that soccer aficionados already know. But in a digital version, with rights attached – with or without real ownership?

In order to launch this online service, the World Cup organizer has partnered with blockchain company Algorand, FIFA’s official blockchain partner. The partnership had been announced a few months earlier.

FIFA adopts NFT for 2022 World Cup

“FIFA’s commitment to move to Web3 with Algorand is a testament to its innovative spirit and desire to engage directly and transparently with soccer fans around the world.”

Interim CEO of the Algorand network, W. Sean Ford.

By John Nook

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