The Hape Prime, discover the best monkey fashion collection

Hape Prime NFT which dubs itself a fully 3D high-fashion Hapes project.


The NFT project is created by Digimental, a NFT-facing virtual media business enterprise. Built around its community of hape holder, the Hape Prime NFT permits users to interchange or trade their apparel and trendy tweak their PFP appearance.HAPE Prime was built on the Ethereum blockchain and developed to create 8k unique NFTs.

Given that its launch on january 19th, 2022, the challenge has constructed popularity amongst NFT fans and ape loyalists. The project’s laid-down and costly style experience has drawn admiration from numerous ape holders.

The Hape Prime, discover the best monkey fashion collection

The HAPE Prime back story reveals a lightning strike, massive enough to fracture the Ape Universe dated two million years ago. The lightning strike fractures and scatters Ape Universe, causing HAPE Primes to be thrown to different sections of the Universe. The Primal Hape must wait for the entire family to rejoin to build a more stylish and secure future together. The Hapes are beautiful and loved; despite their familiarity with one another, they are unique as well.

Although its floor price on Opensea is currently slightly above 1 ETH, it had risen to over 9 ETH only 15 days after the mint. With a volume of 55.6K ETH and sales averaging over 4 ETH, it is clear that they should still be followed very closely.

floor price chart

The project also includes a Hapewalk Runway that allows owners to show off their collections and become Hapefluencers. They have a chance to earn real-world rewards through the project.

HAPE Prime was built on the Ethereum blockchain and developed by Matt Sypien, an art director working on an NFT endeavour to create 8k unique NFTs.

The team is completed by “Ste Curran” Trouvelot (Creative Director), Maren Coleman (Head strategy), Matt McGuire (Tech), Hayley Hobbs (Production) and Cristian Peña (Marketing) just to name a few.

Benefits for holder


A lot of benefits are in store for Hape NFT owners. For one, they get to easily display their high-fashioned Apes on their social media handles.

Another is the ability to change the Hape NFT’s wearables. Hapes can switch their attire with digital drops from the Hape Prime NFT team.

The most eye-catching and high-classed NFTs are then ranked in the Hape Fashion Index which selects the best-dressed Hape NFTs. Each Hape comes with a range of traits making them generically unique from the others.


By Michelle B. Velez

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