gm.DAO all about this community of artists

With a floor price of 5.24 ETH and a total volume of more than 2K ETH we can say that the launch of the token was a great success.

gm.DAO all about this community of artists


The gmDAO is a community of NFT collectors, artists, and investors created in September 2021 using fair token distribution. Generally speaking, the DAO was created on the principles of etiquette and mutual respect, making their community a haven in a typically hostile environment. This has ultimately resulted in an extremely passionate and committed member base of which they are extremely proud.

Structurally, DAO is composed of 900 members, the majority of whom are active in the NFT sector, and whose backgrounds range from accredited investors to renowned generative artists whose collections are featured on ArtBlocks curated.

Their primary goal is to foster and encourage the development of the NFT space, whether through their own organic marketing, seed money from their treasury, or development within the DAO itself. They also seek to provide a benefit to their members through information that is not freely available in the marketplace. Finally, the gmDAO will launch a number of internally managed projects that will provide a revenue stream for the community, their first venture (GM studio) was launched in February 2022 .

The Token

gm token

The gm.token is the key to accessing their private community, but also acts as a governance token that allows the holder to vote and propose the direction of the DAO.

1000 were initially minted and distributed using a “fair-drop” method, where 10 tokens were awarded through daily challenges over a 100 day period, with unclaimed tokens each day being burned. The result is a final total of 845 tokens currently in circulation, a number of which are retained by the treasury.

The GM Studio

Wanting to provide a superior experience for artists and collectors, they built the studio from the ground up using their experience working with existing art platforms and the challenges they present to artists.

Each collection they propose is selected by a blind jury. All submissions received by the studio are blindly presented to their jury, meaning that artists are selected solely on their merit, not their reputation.

The is always looking for new talent to work with, and one of their main goals is to provide a superior experience when it comes to launching a new collection.

With their expertise and experience in the field of generative art, they will guide you through the steps of launching a successful project. From defining the scope to deploying the smart contract, marketing and launch.

The team

Astrophysicist, author, robotic science student and artist are the members of this fabulous crew: Cyber Sea, Nadieh Bremer, Thomas Steindl, Tengil, Ike, Yorks


By Alexandra Wicks

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