News in short: September 15

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News in short: September 15

According to a survey, the vast majority of single South Koreans do not want their partners to invest in cryptoassets. A Newsis report revealed that 80% of women surveyed chose cryptoasset as the asset class they would never accept their boyfriends to invest in, and 70% of single men agreed that they would not like to date a female cryptoasset investor. In contrast, only 7% of men and 6% of women said that investing in stocks was a red flag in a potential partner.

egypt central bank

Egypt’s central bank issued a new warning on cryptocurrencies, noting that violators could face prison sentences. The Egyptian central bank’s law “prohibits the issuance, trading or promotion of cryptocurrencies, the creation or operation of platforms for their trading or the conduct of related activities.”


JPMorgan analysts believe that the metaverse gaming market could explode in China even with the current state of regulation, which presents some difficulties for adoption. Companies such as Tencent, Netease and Bilibili are JPMorgan’s picks when it comes to tapping into this potential growth that, in a best-case scenario, could exceed $100 billion.

norges bank

Norway’s monetary authority, Norges Bank, and Norwegian firm Nahmii AS have made public the source code for the Scandinavian country’s central bank’s digital currency sandbox (CBDC). The two are working together on the prototype of the state-issued currency.

craig wright

Craig Wright testified in a Norwegian court on Wednesday that he “stomped on the hard drive” containing the “key bits” needed to grant him access to Satoshi Nakamoto’s private keys, making it “incredibly difficult” to prove cryptographically that he is the creator of Bitcoin, a title he has claimed but been unable to prove since 2016


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