NFTuloan’s Tokenomics: getting started for a successful NFT business

How do you plan to use your NFTs? Depending on the use case, there are different technologies, platforms and mechanisms to design an NFT.  The main uses cases are:

Fan engagement:

  • Ticketing: NFTs may be used as a entry ticket for event, community initiatives or DeFi pools
  • Loyalty: NFTs can be used as loyalty rewards to incentivize a certain behaviour.
  • Fan governance: NFTs can give voting rights to the community.
  • Enhanced utility in the metaverse: virtual worlds can leverage NFTs to enhanced utility and rewards for users.

Additional revenue streams:

  • Royalties: smart contracts allow programming the NFT to pay future royalties to the NFT creators every time the token is sold.
  • Secondary market: having real ownership of in-game items revolutionize the gaming industry by allowing an independent secondary market and/or NFTs based reward mechanisms. There are some really successful cases

Customer relationship management:

NFTs traceability open the open doors to better customer segmentation and more tailored customer engagement. To understand customer habits and loyalty levels can now be used new variables, such as: types of NFTs owned by the wallet, quantity, duration.

NFTuloan’s DeFi collateralization:

NFTuloan is an innovative liquidity pool provider for all digital assets (NFT). We offer instant liquidity to Digital Art, Collectibles Domain names, Trading cards, utilities, virtual lands, play2earn games.

A powerful tool to liquify your dormant NFT, increase trading volume & make more money on the secondary market.

NFTs can be used as collateralized loans. Borrowers can offer up NFTs as collateral and lenders can earn passive income. The protocol is full automated and initialize loans. The NFT is used as collateral and if the borrower defaults on their loan, the NFT is transferred to the NFTuloan Marketplace.

NFTuloan’s Tokenomics: getting started for a successful NFT business
  • Original project token: ULOAN
  • Total offer: 1 billion ULOAN
  • Supporting network: ERC20
  • Total capital: 1000 ETH
  • Total tokens sold: 600 million ULOAN

Pre-sale price:

Round 1: not announced

Round 1: 0.0000005 ETH

Public sale price: 0.000001 ETH


If used Governance tokens

  • ULOAN holders are allowed to be members of the NFTuloan platform and are allowed to vote on important protocol decisions of the DAO community.
  • As a reward for protocol users (borrowing or lending)
  • If you make a loan in the form of ULOAN, you will receive a 50% discount on the transaction fee.
  • Pay interest on loans with ULOAN

The protocol’s 2-gate mechanism creates supply and demand using ULOAN tokens. Crypto borrowers need ULOAN to pay interest and fees, while liquidity providers receive tokens as a reward.

crypto borrowers

The 1000ETH raised provide 70% to the liquidity pool, to pay interest on deposits, buy and burn tokens, thus increasing the price of the token.

The remaining 30% is used for airdrops to the Opensea community of users with trading activity on 1ETH, and to provide liquidity to the ETH/ULOAN farming pair.


NFTs could revolutionize the way in which creators are getting paid and how fan are getting engaged.

The NFTs applications are pervasive to many industries and depending on the use case, there are different technologies, platforms and mechanisms to design an NFTs tokenomics.


By Yuan Su

Since 2009, the onset of the bitcoin network, Yuan Su has been covering the space. He is the author of Blockchain. He's also been the guest of countless bitcoin and cryptocurrency related podcasts throughout the world. Every opportunity, he speaks on or writes about Asian Economics and how bitcoin is the world's preeminent money.